How Should I prepare for my show?

Ken needs an 8 foot square area in order to setup the wicker baskets. If outside, temperature needs to be 65-80 degrees and in a shady area. Please have your guests arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled show time.

What animals do you bring to a show? 

We bring 6-9 different reptiles and arachnids to each party or show, consisting of a wide variety of snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, turtle/tortoises, and frogs from all parts of the world. You select which you want from the form we have available HERE.

Why should I have a reptile party if our friend just had one? Won’t it be the same?

With the wide variety of reptiles and arachnids we own, each show is different depending on which 6 to 9 get to go with us. That, and Ken’s depth of knowledge, guarantees a different experience each time!

Will the reptiles or arachnids (tarantulas & scorpions) you bring harm anyone?

No. Like all animals in the world, they do have the capability to bite (or in some cases sting), but the creatures used in my shows are all very docile. Check our reptile listing for what we allow and don’t allow for touching/holding HERE.

Take different breeds of dogs for example. The species we bring are like the Golden Retrievers of the reptile world. In fact, they are more harmless than most creatures found throughout the world.