Reptile Reading and Oral Communication Activity


In this activity, each student will be given a picture of a reptile and a fact sheet about that reptile. They will also be given a table to fill out. The goal of this lesson is for students to talk to at least seven other students and exchange information about reptiles.


The teacher tells the class that they will be talking about reptiles. The teacher will hand the question sheet out for the American Alligator Fact Sheet. Note: The teacher shouldn’t hand out the actual facts about the American alligator, just the questions. The students then ask the teacher the questions and write the answers next to the questions.


Now the teacher hands out one animal picture and one description to each student. The teacher also hands out a table to be filled out. Students are given some time to read the reptile descriptions and memorize the information. The teacher shows the students how to fill out the table using the example of the American alligator.

After the students have memorized the information the teacher can take away the description, leaving the students only with the picture. The students form two opposing lines of chairs. One line will stay put (the students will keep sitting down). The students in the other line will move from chair to chair so that they keep getting different partners to exchange information with. When a student gets a new partner, the student shows the partner the picture of the reptile. The opposing student asks all of the relevant questions and fills out the table.

Further Study and Related Resources

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