Welcome to Reptile Wrangler!

My name is Ken Panse. My first career of 20 years centered on aquarium fish, both freshwater and marine. After the premier of Jurassic Park, however, I closed my pet shop and began a second career working with reptiles as the Reptile Wrangler. Working with me is my son and right hand man Zachary (an Eagle Scout) whose followed his own animal talents, performing over 3,000 shows to date.

It’s Reptile Wrangler’s aim to entertain and educate children in the Atlanta, GA area about the world’s exotic animals with fun and exciting interactive shows. Zach and I perform at many venues including, but not limited to, birthday parties, schools, early learning centers, church groups, scout troops, colleges, and block parties. Folks often tell me from past years how much their kids love the Reptile Wrangler show!

Since COVID-19 restriction were placed with staying home for 2 years, society has suffered. Kids don’t behave as well as they used to. When we come to your school or daycare, we expect your staff to stay off their cell phones and keep control of the kiddos. We are entertainers and educators. We are not there to discipline.

Please, don’t pile more than 60 kids per show. At the very most, 100 kids, but they won’t get to touch the animals. When I reply to your show request ”I will perform this show for you,” that constitutes an agreement. When I put your show on my calendar, that denies other customers the opportunity for that date and time. We ask that you to send a $25 deposit, so I don’t sell your show time to another client.

What you will find here:

This website shows how you can book our exciting show for your school, birthday party, or special event. You will find show scheduling pages, our animal inventory, rates, as well as photos and videos. Reptile Wrangler has a comprehensive depth of knowledge of our reptilian ambassadors. With our collection of over 25 different reptiles and giant bugs, there is diversity. The best part about planning your show with us is you choose the animals you want to see. Don’t like snakes? That’s okay. We inform while entertaining. Also, Reptile Wrangler has had zero incidents for 26 years!

Like any business, I have overhead to pay. Various permits, taxes, staff, feeds and insurance. So when you pay $250 for a show, I only net $35.