Reptile Wrangler, Ken Panse, has developed a school program specifically designed for schools that accommodates the varying schedules to allow for class rotation through a designated area by independent classrooms or grades. For more info on our presentation styles, click HERE.

Our menagerie of local and exotic animals is displayed in a conventional set-up, permitting smaller groups of students (and available parents) to experience the critters in an enclosed environment, such as a classroom or media center. This environment allows for a customized agenda that will bolster specific learning objectives in Biology, Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Language Arts.

We can customize the animal selection for specific criteria such as rain-forest/jungle, temperate, or desert. The selections can include lizards, turtle/tortoises, snakes, toads/frogs, and large bugs. They are housed in clear containers when not being handled by Ken. The cost of the in-house field trip begins at $250 for the first hour. Additional time is scheduled at a rate of $100/half hour, or $200/ hour. Thus, a three-hour display costs $650.00, allowing for six 25 minute shows or three 45 minute to one hour shows. A limit of four critters are presented for the half hour shows, six critters for the 45 minute shows, and seven critters for the hour show. Only available for schools located in Georgia. No travel fees are assessed for the extended Metro Atlanta area.

The school saves money by avoiding busing and fuel costs while experiencing a top notch, fully insured, educational performance on site. Learn all about our bugs and reptiles HERE to help you pick the stars of your show! Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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PLEASE NOTE, we will check our master schedule for availability and confirm your show date and time through email. Logistics often determine start times for our reptile shows. A non-refundable $50 deposit via PayPal will be required to secure your show upon approval.