Make your library show an event that will thrill your patrons as we present them with an exciting and educational presentation on a variety of exotic and indigenous reptile species. Imagine the look on their faces when we bring out a 4’ alligator, a beautiful snake, or a magnificent tortoise. It is sure to be an exhilarating experience they will never forget.

When our caravan arrives with custom cages containing fabulous reptiles inside, the children will exclaim, “They’re here!” Setting up the show only takes a matter of minutes. We ask that you please provide a microphone with a speaker if you expect more than 50 patrons. Also, please set the room’s temperature to 69 degrees so we don’t all start sweating.

Reptile Wrangler allows you to pick what animals you want to see. We will amaze the kids by displaying some of the most beautiful reptilians in the world and intertwine their homelands, behaviors, and diets into the show. We love to answer questions as well!

The Reptile Wrangler show is a unique, educational experience for all age groups in the Atlanta area. Contact us today to schedule a one hour appearance with as many as 7 critters! Only available for libraries located in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Your event will be the “talk of the town”!  

Learn all about our bugs and reptiles HERE to help you pick the stars of your show! Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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