Reptile Wrangler shows are a great way to celebrate a corporate milestone or to loosen up a training program with some fun and informative entertainment.

We perform many shows each year for large venues, either by performing when everyone is organized to watch our stage show, or having Ken or Zack go “walkabout”, where we carry around one critter at a time and mingle with your guests or staff on the periphery, being careful to respect individuals for their varying levels of comfort. For more info on presentation styles, click HERE.

Reptile Wrangler has performed over 5000 shows, so we’re quite aware of what is acceptable and safe for our clients to enjoy.

Ken or Zack will come wearing safari style attire with leather hiking boots. The animals are contained in covered wicker baskets until their turn to be brought out.

In the extended Atlanta metro area, the cost for a one hour corporate show is $1000.00. Travel fees are assessed for further destinations.

Just think of what your clients’ and friends’ faces will look like when a volunteer you know is selected to put an 8 foot long boa constrictor across their shoulders, or let a large hairy tarantula walk up their arm! Have your cameras ready! Only available for corporate events located in Georgia. Learn all about our bugs and reptiles HERE to help you pick the stars of your show! Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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