Reptile Wrangler, Ken Panse, has developed a program specifically designed for college campuses. Presented in a three table display (venue provides the tables), we bring nine critters including snakes, lizards, turtles, alligator and a few bugs in clear plastic containers and animal crates for patrons to see. After they walk past the display, they’ll then be asked to congregate in chairs or stand on the other side of the room while I handle a few of the creatures. Questions are encouraged, and if the atmosphere is right, I’ll even tell a tale or two about being bitten by a gator or almost crushed by a python!

We can customize the animal selection for specific criteria such as rain-forest/jungle, temperate, or desert. The selections include snakes, lizards, turtle/tortoises, toads/frogs and large bugs. The animals can be large or small, colorful or cryptic, passive or aggressive. You get to select which ones are brought!

Reptile Wrangler will come to colleges, universities, and other learning institutions via driving from our Atlanta, Georgia area based home location. The cost for a one hour show is $1000 provided we can return to Atlanta for our busy weekend scheduling by driving 6 hours or less one way. Otherwise, overnight fees are assessed for time and accommodations. Monday through Thursday is ideal for us, but we are open to your scheduling criteria.

An auditorium, gymnasium, or campus activity center are acceptable sites for the shows. Sound equipment for amplifying would help. It is important to have the show in a controlled environment for safety reasons as well as to minimize ambient sound distractions such as non participant’s voices.

After the show, time is dedicated for the audience to ask questions, and/or move closer to see the animals. Ken will usually pose with a snake or ‘gator for the students and staff to take photos for up to 30 minutes. Only available for college events located in Georgia. Learn all about our bugs and reptiles HERE to help you pick the stars of your show! Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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