Our Reptile Wrangler shows are incredible fun for homeschooled children!  Imagine the look on their faces when an alligator, snake, or tortoise is brought out. It’s something they’ll never forget!

Children exclaim, “They’re here!” when our caravan arrives and unload large rattling chests with tame, exotic reptiles inside. Setting up takes a few minutes – that’s it!

Reptile Wrangler will amaze the children by displaying tropical critters that you select and weaving their homelands and behaviors into the show with big colorful maps and props.

The Reptile Wrangler show is a unique educational experience for all age groups.  We can schedule a show for your homeschool event anywhere in the Southeast provided arrangements can be made. Only available for homeschool events located in Georgia.

Learn all about our bugs and reptiles HERE to help you pick the stars of your show! Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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