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“A scintillating mix of the many faces of childhood innocence capped with exploration of the wonders and adventures to be found in the natural world.  Enormous turtles, hungry chipmunks, and unruly bats are but a few of the encounters about which anyone will enjoy reading.
                                             – J. Whitfield Gibbons, Professor of Ecology, University of Georgia

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One day, Emily Scroggins is living a privileged life on her family’s horse ranch in Charleston, South Carolina. Twenty-four hours later, she is a stowaway on a merchant ship bound for Mexico. Emily and her father, a prominent physician, are swept away to the jungles of the Yucatan where his medical expertise is needed to thwart an epidemic that is plaguing the natives. A young girl in a distant country, Emily adapts to the foreign land’s mystical culture and skirts its exotic dangers. Helping her is an adventurous boy named Pedro, who has found a prehistoric secret deep in the jungle. Emily vows to protect the secret, but what will they do when exposing it may be the village’s only salvation in the wake of a natural disaster? From perils on the high seas to epic crises on land, Emily rises to the challenge and proves how humble and resourceful she can be.

About the Author:

Since childhood, the author has been an avid naturalist and woodsman—observing, studying, and celebrating all of the amazing things Mother Nature has to offer. His real name may be unfamiliar, but thousands know Ken Panse as the Reptile Wrangler. Ken has been working with animals for over 20 years. Taking his show to schools, parties, and corporate events across the Southeast, his goal is to entertain and educate others about the exciting world of exotic animals. In the young adult novel, Into the Jungle, Ken takes readers of all ages on an adventure that is replete with both wildlife and human nature. He shows the beauty and the savagery of the great outdoors, along with the remarkable ways people can learn to adapt to their surroundings and overcome adversity—for the good of both man and animal. This epic adventure explains more than any marketing material could about the author’s passion and offers others the chance to escape and to explore unfamiliar terrain. In the jungle, true character will prevail. In addition to writing a sequel, Ken is working on an animal adventure park called Rainforest Discovery, with tentative plans to open in 2021. He lives in the Atlanta area.