Stage Show: Generally six animals lined up in wicker baskets or carriers. I bring them out one at a time and talk about the animal species, where it comes from, its behaviors, and diet. We encourage questions at the end of each animal’s “talk,” and if there are less than 30 patrons, I’ll come over to where they are sitting (in either one long semicircle or two rows seated three feet apart to provide me a space to walk through) and allow them to touch the animals.

Three Table Display: Venue provides the tables. This is a cool live animal display using clear plastic containers and animal crates. We bring nine critters including snakes, lizards, turtles, alligator and a few bugs for patrons to see. They love seeing the large alligator skull, too!

Patrons walk past the display, then congregate in chairs or stand on the other side of the room while I handle a few of the creatures. Questions are encouraged. If the atmosphere is right, I’ll even tell a tale or two about being bitten by a gator or almost crushed by a python!

Walkabout: More for outdoor events full of activities, I carry an assortment of animals around for 10-15 minutes each allowing folks to touch them and answer questions.

Please indicate in the order form which presentation style you want. You will get a non-binding Invoice/Work Order in the email address you enter as will I. You can then print this invoice for approval by your administrator. Send us any additional questions you have when booking your reservation can at Schedule Your Show.